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Aquarium Plants

Biology | 6-14 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

We put plants into a fish bowl, because plants breathe oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. As goldfish also need oxygen to live, plants ensure that there is enough oxygen in the water.

Plants in water are also important as goldfish lay their eggs on these plants. Eggs stick to these plants and hatch after about a week. Ensure you have plenty of plants in your fish bowl in summer as goldfish lay their eggs during this time of the year.

Water plants also give the goldfish some shade from bright light. Young or small fish can also use these plants to hide among them, in order to stay away from fish who bully them.

What can we do if we not have water plants?

If you do not have water plants, install a special pump called an aerator which pumps oxygen into the tank with the help of a motor. You can also put some large stones in the tank; this in time will become a resting ground for your fish.

Additional Information

Adding water plants in a tank can also have a few negative effects. If plants are put in a tank where the light source is not enough, plants instead of producing oxygen, produce carbon dioxide instead. Plants need sunlight for the process of photosynthesis. Water plants also help in keeping the water clean by absorbing some of the waste products of the fish.

Get yourself a fish tank, with some plants in it and see the process of photosynthesis taking place. What will you see to know that this is happening?

Adding coal in your fish tank keeps the tank clean as well. Try this.

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