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Arctic Circle
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Arctic Circle

Geography | 6-8 yrs | Interactive

What is the Arctic Circle?

The Arctic Circle begins at 60 degrees N. The elevation of the North Pole is 436 ft above sea level.

The lines of longitude that establish our time zones all converge at the pole. In that area they are too close together to be practical as time zones, so people use either Greenwich Mean Time or follow the time zone of the country the expedition is from.

The warmest temperature at the North Pole 0 degrees C.

The Arctic Circle marks the start of the area where for at least one day each year the sun does not completely set (June 21) or rise (December 22).

A variety of animals including polar bears, reindeer, musk ox and polar here are native to this region.

Even though the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic Circle are polar opposites, the average temperature at the North Pole is higher.

There is no such thing as an Arctic continent as the bedrock at the North Pole is 1400 feet below sea level. The geographic North Pole and the magnetic earth pole are not at the same point.

The North Pole Post Office receives thousands of letters addressed simply to Santa Claus, The North Pole.

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