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Georgia O’Keeffe

Painters | 7-13 yrs | Interactive

Georgia O’Keeffe Life History

Georgia O’Keeffe (1887 – 1986) was a prominent artist whose paintings were celebrated as fine examples of the American modernist movement. Her artwork and success created a space for American women painters in a community that was largely dominated by men. She is known for her large-format oil paintings of flowers and other natural forms as if they were being inspected through a magnifying glass.

Georgia was one of seven children who grew up with her parents in Sun Prarie, USA. When she was 10 she decided to be a painter and dedicated most of her life to achieve that goal. She began taking art lessons with her sister, went on to train at the School of Art Institute Chicago and other established art institutions in New York City and Virginia. Soon after O’Keeffe showed some of her work at a famous art gallery in New York city she took up a job as a teacher in Texas. 291 as the gallery was called was owned by Alfred Stieglitz who she would later marry.

In 1929 Georgia began spending much of her time in New Mexico. This gave birth to a large collection of work depicting her surrounding desert landscapes, small cultural objects in large format, and modernist abstractions of other natural forms. O’Keeffe’s work commended high prices at auction and in galleries even after her demise. She is also the first woman to be given a retrospective at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City.

Georgia O’Keeffe is well known for her large-format oil paintings of flowers and other natural forms. Again, you can use google as your reference and can also send in your art work to us at editor@mocomi.com | If we like it, be rest assured of it being featured on our website.

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