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Historical Fiction
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Historical Fiction

Creative Writing | 9-11 yrs | Learning Pod

Pick a historical figure that inspires you and do all the research you can about his or her life story. Where the person was born, what society was like back then, what kind of family background did he or she come from, etc.

Once you’re done, fill in the following blanks:

I regret ________________________.
If I could do one thing differently I would ________________________.
My favourite childhood memory is ________________________.
My biggest fear was ________________________.
My biggest fear is ________________________.

Once you’re done with that write a story in the first person as if you were this historical figure as you see them later in life. Put yourself in their shoes and have them pondering on their life. You don’t have to only choose people from history. You can also pick someone who is young and still living. In this case just pretend that they are older and looking back on their life.

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