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Indian National Flag

Learn | 5-10 yrs | Animation, Video
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There are rules that govern how and for what an Indian National flag can be used for. Here are some of them:
There is currently only one licensed flag production and supply unit in India that follow the strict guidelines of producing an Indian flag.

An Indian flag must be made of khadi cloth of silk or cotton and each roll of cloth that eventually turns into a flag is sent to a lab to be tested for quality.

The flag must never touch the ground or water, or be used as a drapery in any form.

The rendering of the Indian flag as we see it today was a modified version of the earlier tri colour. The charkha in the center was replaced with the Chakra to borrow from the idea of law and dharma that it represents on the Lion capital of Ashoka. The chakra has 24 spokes to represent the 24 hours of progress within the day; the saffron colour represents courage and sacrifice; white – truth and purity; green – peace and prosperity.

Naveen Jindal flew an Indian flag outside his office building, which was promptly fornicated and he was warned of prosecution. Mr. Jindal filed suit in the High Court of Delhi seeking to strike down the restriction on the use of the flag by private citizens, arguing that it was his right as a citizen of India to hoist his national colors.

No complete representation of the flag can appear below the waist on clothing, or on undergarments.

Damaged flags must be disposed of in private by burning or any other method consistent with the dignity of the flag.

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