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    • Nupur Maskara on PERSONALITY QUIZ
      Monday, November 17th, 2014

      Thanks for sharing your result, Angel!

    • mya on ISSUE 22
      Friday, November 14th, 2014

      charity u act like you can’t text mhe bcd but anyway this is a great and educational site.☺️

    • vkazad on Issue 16
      Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

      wednesday, November 12th,2014
      I am interest in mocomi

    • angel on PERSONALITY QUIZ
      Sunday, November 9th, 2014

      wow,im a portrait

    • dasashmita@yahoo.in on EINSTEIN IYENGAR
      Thursday, November 6th, 2014

      my father told me to watch mocomi
      and i think ia m lovin it

    • agarwalruchira9@gmail.com on Magazine
      Thursday, November 6th, 2014

      IT IS SUPERB!!!!!!!!!

    • moniqueschrader29@gmail.com on Magazine
      Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

      I Love Mocomi because it is interesting and awesome and I love it

    • Sohidatt@hotmail.com on HISTORY MYSTERIES
      Sunday, October 26th, 2014

      I love Mocomi because it has interesting, amazing and funny things to do and learn .

      From Sohini

    • saisarath17@yahoo.com on Magazine
      Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

      Hey I love macomag. It is one of the best sites

    • Nupur Maskara on Issue 7
      Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

      Thanks for the suggestion Mythili :) We had an article on Goddess Lakshmi in Issue 4, and a Lord Rama quiz- did you see those? Keep reading!

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