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Konkan Railway Facts

General Knowledge | 6-12 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod


The Konkan Railway is an important train line which connects India’s economic capital, Mumbai and Manglore. The Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd, is one of the few privately run railway lines for public use. It runs through Maharastra, Karnataka and Goa covering 760 kilometers of mountainous terrains and river valleys along the coast, offering breathtaking views of beaches and lagoons as well.

In the Konkan region there are plenty of minerals, coconut fields and mango orchards and preserving the ecosystem was an engineering challenge and environmental challenge. In order to preserve the landscape, the line made use of tunnels so that they would not have to destroy agricultural land. To further the cause of environmental sustainability all stations along the way have banned the use of plastic in the form of cups, bags, and cutlery.

Trains of Konkan Railway

  1. Jan Shatabdi Express – Fastest train runs through Dadar (Mumbai) to Margaon (Goa).
  2. Matsyaganda Express runs from Lok Manya Tilak Terminus (Mumbai) to Mangalore (Karnataka)
  3. Konakan Kanya Express runs CST (Mumbai) to Madgaon (Goa)
  4. The Trivandrum Rajdhani Express is the fastest running train on the Konkan line and runs between Thiruvananthapuram and Delhi Nizamuddin.

Try this yourself

Type in ‘bridges and tunnels on the Konkan rail’ into Google and find out all about the route of the trains on this track.

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