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Music and Heartbeats
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Music and Heartbeats

Meme Times | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Animation

Dap dap….Dap dap!

“Music make me happy, really happy”– Mr. HeartBeat

Doctors and researchers have found that music is the savior of many souls. Music distresses a person and calms them down. It is proven that sounds of different pitches can change the moods of people and also lower blood pressure according to the type of music they are listening to. Also the heartbeat adjusts to the tempo of the music you listen to.

Importance of Music in Life

  • Music is important part of anyone life.
  • They always relate to good or bad times with some song playing in the background.
  • It is also connected to physiological responses within the body especially the heart.
  • Studies at Massachusetts and Hong Kong have soon that people who listen to music for 20 to 30 minutes a day have lowered blood pressure and heartbeat compared to the ones that don’t.
  • This relationship between the heart and music is beneficial on many levels especially when it comes to people with heart problems and chronic pain.