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History of Sanchi Stupa

General Knowledge | 5-12 yrs | Animation, Video

Information and Facts about Sanchi Stupa!

  • The Sanchi Stupa is located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most ancient and famous Buddhist monuments in India.
  • The Stupa has several chambers, which contains the relics of Buddha.
  • The Sanchi Stupa was constructed in the honour of Lord Buddha by Emperor Ashoka in 3rd century BC.
  • The height of the Great Stupa is around 54 feet.
  • The Great Stupa at Sanchi is crowned by a chhatra, a parasol-like structure, intended to honour and protect the precious relics inside.
  • The dome of the Stupa is a symbol of Dharma, the Wheel of Law.
  • Most of the Buddha statues at the Sanchi Stupa were said to be painted with a legendary Mauryan polish that made them shine like glass in the erstwhile days.
  • The Stupa actually symbolises the life of Buddha and his final release from the cycle of birth and rebirth (Moksha).
  • The last addition to the Stupa was done during the rule of the Guptas, prior to 450 AD.
  • The Stupa is surrounded by four gateways that represent various scenes from the life of Lord Buddha and the Jataka tales.
  • The national emblem of India was derived from the Ashoka Pillar of Sanchi Stupa.
  • Sanchi Stupa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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