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Stop Food Wastage
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Stop Food Wastage

Environment | 6-11 yrs | Learning Pod

How can I stop Food Waste?

India is a country in which many people do not have enough to eat. Around the world 5 million children die each year because of hunger and lack of enough food. In a world of plenty, a huge number go hungry. This is not because there is less food produced in the world but because those who have food have a lot of it and those who do not have nothing. Stop wasting food so that there is enough for everyone and your government can make it possible for all children to eat.

We have a couple of ideas to help you not waste that food.

Take only tiny servings – Ask your mum to put on your plate only how much you think you can eat. No more. Then if you are still hungry you can always ask for more.

Speak up – If you do not want something, please speak up. It’s not nice to be fussy and a lot of the food your mum makes you eat is actually good for you so keeping that in mind if you still do not want to eat something – speak up. It’s much better to say no than to throw it in your garbage bin.

Cut it please! – Ask your mum to cut your fruit for you. In this way you will waste less and be full for longer!

Take lunch to school that you can finish – Ask your mum to pack lunch only enough for you to eat or share a bit with a friend. No more! Even if you bring it back home at the end of the day it will not be edible as it has been out in the sun the whole day. So in most cases, it will have to be thrown out.

Left Overs – If for some reason you have left food on your plate and not finished it ask your mum not to throw it out. It is not spoilt and if she changes it into a pizza or mixes it with some noodles you can eat it at the next meal. You can even help her do that!

3 second rule – If some fresh food like an apple falls on the floor, follow the 3 second rule. If you can pick it up in 3 seconds – do so and wash it before eating. It is still fit for consumption provided you wash it first.

Share Share Share! – Finally our hot tip for not wasting food is to share it. If you are not eating something you can share it with a friend or family member who wants it. If you are on the road, before wasting something you do not want to eat, look around and see if you can give it to a poor child. If you have a celebration in your house; suggest to your mum that you can donate the leftover food to an orphanage or a needy family nearby.

Where does Food come from?, visit: http://mocomi.com/where-does-food-come-from/


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