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Venus – Hottest Planet in the Solar System!
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Venus – Hottest Planet in the Solar System!

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How hot is Venus?

Temperature of planet Venus can reach up to 870 degrees Fahrenheit with winds up to 450 mph. So you can cook a pizza on Venus’s surface in approximately 7 seconds,
but you might just get crushed in its atmosphere!

Yes, the second closest planet to the sun is the hottest planet of the solar system.

Why is Venus the hottest planet?

Although Venus is not the closest planet to the sun, its atmosphere is extremely dense and traps heat in such a way as to cause the runaway greenhouse effect in which the oceans boil away from the surface. The surface pressure on Venus is 90 times more than Earth.

The atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide with clouds of sulphuric acid. Nitrogen appears but only in small doses. This makes the surface hotter than Mercury.

During the evolution of Venus, ultraviolet rays from the sun might have evaporated the little water on Venus, thus making the planet totally dry. Venus is full of volcanoes and scientists have so far discovered 1600 of them, and these are only the big ones!