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What is a Skeleton?

Biology | 9-12 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

What is Human Skeleton?

The human body has 206 bones that fit together to make up a skeleton. This structure of bone helps provide support to the body by providing a frame for muscles and a casing for your internal organs, that are very fragile.

A new-born baby has more than 300 bones in its body. This is because they have to be flexible enough to bend when they are born. After that, many of these smaller bones fuse together to form the 206 that we all have. The largest bone in your body is the femur or thigh bone and the smallest one is inside your ear.

Bones themselves are rigid and therefore have ligaments and tendons to join them all together. Some bones like the hand and leg muscles serve mostly as support to muscles whereas your skull and ribcage protect vital organs from being damaged. Since our skeleton is inside our body, it is known as an endoskeleton. However, some animals and insects carry their skeletons on their body. This is called an exoskeleton.


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