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Why can’t chickens fly high?
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Why can’t chickens fly high?

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Chickens can fly, but not very well. It has been found that a long time ago, almost 4000 years ago; chickens were domesticated from the wild birds known as the ‘forest fowl’ found in India. Now, the forest fowls were like the Turkey and they depended mostly on their legs to run from predators. They used their wings just a little bit in order to hop and reach a safe point.

Ancestors of chicken

Some say the ancestors of chicken are the red jungle fowl found in Southeast Asia. Years went by. The forest fowl which was domesticated was now turned into what we know as the chicken.

How high and far can chickens fly?

Now, the real reason why chickens cannot fly is because of their bone structure and weight. The chickens that we know today are shorter, have heavy bones and more weight for their body, making it difficult for them to fly. Though they can hop and fly to a short distance. The world record for a flying chicken is 305 feet in 13 seconds before touchdown! Chickens are natural sprinters. They may not soar high like the eagle but they are really swift. Try catching a chicken next time, you will see for yourself!