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Why can’t we feel the earth spinning?
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Why can’t we feel the earth spinning?

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Why we don’t feel earth’s rotation?

Every 23 hours and 56 minutes our planet earth completes a full turn around its axis. It spins at a constant rate. The atmosphere, along with the earth and everything else on the planet is moving at the same speed. But still we cannot feel the spinning movement of the earth.

What is Earth’s Axis?

An axis is an invisible straight line that runs through an object from one end to the other. The earth and all other planets and satellites in the universe have an invisible axis. The earth rotates on its axis and completes one day. The next day it starts a whole new spin. The earth travels at a constant speed. It doesn’t slow down or accelerate all of a sudden. If the earth would suddenly increase speed or put on brakes we would definitely feel that movement!

It’s like moving in a car. If you are sitting in a car riding through a highway, you do not feel the movement. Of course you feel it when you see outside your window and see things moving away. But you feel the movement only when the car slows down or puts sudden breaks.

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