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Why do Feet Fall Asleep?
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Why do Feet Fall Asleep?

Answer me | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Animation

What makes our feet fall asleep?

When pressure is applied on a certain body part for a long time, it squeezes the nerve pathways and they cannot transmit the sensations to the brain properly. They also are not able to carry instructions from the brain to the particular body part. Basically the nerve path is blocked or squeezed and the body part doesn’t know what to do, so it goes off to a sleep mode.

What happens when our foot falls asleep?

So, when you are sitting or applying pressure on your arms or legs for a long time, you might feel that body part is missing. When you change your position, the nerves begin to return to their normal position; they begin unsqueezing and start communicating again. This is when you feel the tingling up and down of pins and needles. This sensation is also called paraesthesia and doesn’t last very long or hurt your body parts but sometimes takes longer for the nerves to recover and get back to normal.

How to get rid of an asleep foot?

You can shake your foot gently, or massage your feet, soak your feet in warm water and try to walk only when the tingling sensation has reduced.