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Aesop In Rhyme-12

Primary Poems | 6-8 yrs | Reading Pod


The animals, on the death of the lion,
During his life, prince of the country,
Resolved to elect a king to try on
The regal crown, and chose a monkey.
Because after the animals had all
Tried on the regal crown, or let it fall,
Because their heads were all too big,
Or too small, too horned, or too thick,
The monkey slipped through it;
And with it cut up many a trick,
[262]Which they all thought refined,
And chose him with one mind.
Only the fox regretted the election,
And swore to reign in his defection.
He came and made his compliment;
“Sire,” said he, “I know a treasure meant
For your high majesty. I will show
The spot where it lies hid.”
The monkey went at Reynard’s bid—
And was caught in a trap.
The fox exclaimed,
“How do you think to govern us,
When, after all, with all your fuss,
You cannot well, do what you may,
Keep e’en yourself out of harm’s way.”
The animals agreed,
That royal power suits very few indeed.


An ass accompanied by a horse uncourteous,
Who only had his harness on his back;
And the poor jackass staggered
‘Neath the load of vegetable and a pack;
He begged the horse to help him,
If he could—
But not a single bit,
The other would.
[264]”I ask,” said the poor beast,
“A little pity—
Help me at least,
To reach the city.”
The horse refused,
And got his due,
For the ass died.
The farmer’s man
Stripped off the skin of honest Ben,
And made the horse, whom they espied,
Drag on the skin and the cart beside.


‘Tis wise to lend our aid
To others in distress,
We often thus are made
The means of happiness.
The churlish, unkind man
His neighbor’s death may cause,
And have to help his family,
Through taxes and the laws.

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