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Excise Officer
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Excise Officer

List of Professions | 7-12 yrs | Reading Pod

What is Tax?
Tax is a concept that you will not have to worry about until you begin working, own a house, or start a business. Big companies and industries must also pay tax. Government uses the taxes paid by citizens for important public services such as education, in providing security (police, defense etc.), developing the Country’s infrastructure, etc.

From the horse’s mouth
I was a naughty kid. My Dad was in the defence and I was almost always the ‘new student’. I have studied in 10-12 schools till I completed my 12th std. It taught me to adapt, observe and not judge people. I get along very easily with any body irrespective of age or gender.

I always wanted to be a writer but I pursued Physics because my parents wanted me to. I got into a Govt. job because they wanted me to. I have found aspects about this job that I enjoy a lot, but I can’t say it is what I want.

I live my dream job through my hobby. I started writing a blog because I knew I wanted to be a writer. Slowly I found that many readers connected with my style of writing and often they would mail me saying my posts brought smiles to their faces. Since the topic I write on is food, I wanted to make it look appealing as well. This took me to photography.

I get offers and assignments but I cannot take them up right now as I work in Govt. Service. In a few years I might actually switch careers and take up photography and writing full time. My hobbies are trekking, cooking, photography and reading.

What kind of a student were you in school and college?
I was a happy child, not very studious but always curious and I am told quite naughty too. My dad was in the defence so we kept changing schools every year. So, ideally I was usually the ‘new student’.

And your favourite subjects?
English, Science and History.

Which teacher do you remember most and why?
I remember Mr. Nainamalai who taught Math in Std.XII. He seemed terrifying to me.

When did you realize this is what you wanted to do?
I realized it after joining work. I wanted to be a writer but sometimes you don’t get to do things just because you want to do it. The good part is that I always find ways to enjoy anything. I am an excise inspector. The work of an excise inspector is to make sure that the industries pay their taxes properly. If they do not, we help them understand their responsibilities towards the Country’s economic growth.

If I want to do what you do, what do I have to do?
Every year the Government releases advertisements in all leading newspapers about the examinations to be held for the post of “Inspectors in Customs, Central Excise and Income Tax.” You have to be a college graduate to appear for the exams and then a panel will pick up the best of the competitors to appear for an interview. If you clear the interview the panel of experts will decide which office you are best suited for – Customs, Central Excise or Income Tax.

What’s your typical day like?
I work in the Computer Section of the Central Excise office. My day starts with connecting with the main offices and checking up whether the Government has issued any important instructions. If so, I follow it up immediately. Since my office is in charge of the working, I must ensure that the computer system is working smoothly. I have to take care of any problems that might arise during the day.

What did you do with your first paycheck?
I donated most of it to ‘CRY’. I bought my Dad a pant and shirt and gave the remaining money to my parents. They opened an account with a bank and urged me to save my earnings.

Name some joys of your profession.
Through my profession I serve my Country directly. It is an honour, pride and joy to serve the Country and its people. Sometimes I work with the legal aspects that helps me realize my dreams as a writer. I really enjoy interpreting Law!

Were you named after anyone?
Yes. I was born on an auspicious day dedicated to Lakshmi Devi. One of Lakshmi Devi’s names is Harini, and I was named after Her.

What are some of your hobbies or passions?
My hobbies include cooking, photography, writing and trekking.

What is the most thrilling experience in your life?
When I witnessed snow falling for the first time. I was forty but I behaved like a ten year old playing with it for a long time!

What book are you reading right now?
I am reading “The Blue Nowhere” by Jeffery Deaver. It is about how the police track and catch an evil computer hacker.

What is your animal spirit? Why?
I identify with a lioness because she is strong, community-oriented and protective of her family.

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