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List of Professions | 6-12 yrs | Interactive


Often nick-named the spin-doctors, a publicist’s job is to take a product to the public in the best way possible. It’s not about creating the product at all and neither is it about creating the advertising, but more about making sure that the entire package is being seen by the right people. Our spin-doctor Siddharth is one such bridge between the product and the people. Continue reading to find out what his job as a publicist is all about.

What kind of a student were you in school and college?
An average student. Throughout school and college I was told that I had the brains and potential, but not the will.

And your favourite subjects?
English was one and the other was history, which I found quite fascinating.

Which teacher do you remember most and why?
I do remember my house master at St. Joseph’s college, Darjeeling. He taught us important life-lessons on how to dream and give that dream a fair chance at turning it into a reality.

When did you realize this is what you wanted to do?
It was in college where I realized that this is what I wanted to do. Having met people from different cities and backgrounds, and being able to communicate and make friends with them made me realize that I did have some peoples-skills. And this is where I started nurturing and polishing those skills.

If I want to do what you do, what do I have to do?
Think, believe, understand and communicate, it’s that simple. In today’s changing marketing communications landscape the challenge is huge, the clutter in the market space even bigger. One has to outdo himself/herself. Each time we hit the drawing board to device and architect communications campaigns for clients or products, we try and ensure that our communication strategies always entail a high recall value. Take Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamvar on television for example, that’s what the job really is. How to do it, is for our ability to cross pollinate ideas while understanding how the media works and what they like to write about.In one line, you have to be the bridge between your product and the press thus reaching out to the audience.

What’s your typical day like?
The work comprises of anything from reading 5 to 6 news papers, to checking alerts on what and where the client has been written about and what are the industry trends. To going back and working upon various client mandates.

What did you do with your first paycheck?
Sent it to my mother.

Name some joys of your profession.
At the level at where I am, its not really that fascinating until and unless your at a very senior level, and that is where you really enjoy a certain amount of celebrity status. For the moment, I enjoy being in the company of intelligent people, who are aces in their businesses – it adds great value to my pool of knowledge.

What makes you successful at what you do?
When I find a product appealing and believe in the concept, I like to challenge myself and outdo my previous achievements and that’s the thought that keeps me going. The challenge is always from within.

Were you named after anyone?
After Gautama Buddha

What are some of your hobbies or passions?
I’m a photo-enthusiast and an adrenaline junkie seeking adventure.

What is the most thrilling experience in your life?
Rakhi ka Swayamwar – in more than many ways, it was a thrilling professional and personal experience. A unique concept, with a lot of potential. We knew we could make it big and we did, and in the process I got to learn alot from it.

What book are you reading right now?
The alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

What is your animal spirit? Why?
I’m a Leopard- I like the chase

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