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It all started in 2011 when Anibrain, India’s leading VFX facility, wanted to develop an interactive educational website for kids. The idea of developing Motion Comics with the focus on fun-filled learning became a mission which brought MoComi (short for motion comics) into existence. Since then, Mocomi has always had one goal, and that is to make learning fun and interactive. Mocomi has been providing its subscribers fun activities, educational games, informative videos, and interactive stories by using world class skills in animation.

Mocomi caters to children aged 14 years and below. However, this educational website does not limit itself to that age group. Mocomi is also a referring and learning resource for parents and teachers. While kids learn from the interactive videos and fun tools, Mocomi acts as a resource and knowledge bank for parents, teachers and educators.

The content provided by Mocomi is well researched and easily understood by kids. This content is supported by visually attractive images which not only accelerate the learning process but also make it interactive and fun.

Mocomi aims at learning through storytelling. A story telling manner of teaching helps kids register more and easily understand difficult concepts. At Mocomi you get to read content from all subjects – Science, Math, History, English, G.K, Moral Science and Geography. Our interactive and easily understood content with visually stimulated animation makes it attractive, fun and an enjoyable experience for all.

Our wide range of content and videos include stories from various lands, recipes which kids can enjoy making and eating, cool paper crafts, poems and rhymes, amazing party ideas for kids and parents alike and health tips from the ‘Coley’ the spider. Our ‘New World’ category will have you coming back for more every week. Here you get to enhance your vocabulary with words as fresh as dew and read a Meme times newspaper with fascinating news events. You can explore a selfie with Sam, our sassy dog or go on a journey inside things you never thought you could or get answers for the most difficult questions asked by the wandering minds; Mocomi.com will have you wanting more.

The site aims at providing an authentic and fun experience for kids. Mocomi’s content with educational activities and videos help students get a better understanding of their concepts of Math and Science learned at school. The History and Geography lessons designed in a video and interactive manner make them an interesting watch for children.

Mocomi.com is one of a kind kids website in India which provides a platform for children to learn and explore. We encourage you to enhance your learning experience by browsing through our vast content list.

YOUR VIEWS -What People Are Saying

Arif Shaikh - Teacher, Mercedes Benz International School

“It was a pleasure working with the Mocomi Team in our IT Lab. The teams of interaction with the students was engaging and fun. I found the website interface quite intuitive and interactive for student browsing. The best part was that students from age 4 to 11 found suitable contents of their interest.”

Lijin Thomas Varghese, Marketing & Promotions Manager, Landmark.

“We were very impressed with the quality of the workshops – they were well designed, and catered well to our younger customers. The best part was the professional attitude of the entire Mocomi team, and their desire to put up a great show each time. We look forward to collaborating with Mocomi for our future events as well.”

Dimple Jain

“I loved the most of all the science workshop, difficult theory was very well explained in a practical way. Children really enjoyed it. Thank you for such workshops, may you have more.”

Callie Lee

“My teacher told me I had to write about 3 science words and I could use brainpop or youtube. I chose youtube and I found this video by mocomikids. This is perfect!”

Raina Smith

“Nice video! I really liked it. Helped me with my science project!”