Flintobox Activity Box Review

Flintobox Activity Box Review

Ever wondered how to spend time with your child while simultaneously trying to make the experience an educational one? In a time, where parents often struggle to spend meaningful time with their children, Flintobox is trying to help do just that! They have a multitude of boxes – each fitting in within an age bracket – ranging all the way from the ages of 2 yrs to 12 yrs.

Marvellous Mechanics

This time around, we are reviewing Flintobox’s ‘Marvelous Mechanics’ box for 8-12 year olds. Right off the cuff, we are impressed by the option of three different projects available in the box to choose from. Along with these is an activity book that bolsters the mechanical concepts explored through the projects. The plus points in this activity box include the well labelled bags within each project pack, verbal and visual explanations available in the additional pamphlet and the options for a video tutorial you can find online.


The only qualm we had with the box was the fact the step by step explanation of the project online didn’t match the one in the pamphlet, making it a little confusing for a child to connect the two.

All in all, however, a perfect activity box for children who want to spend the afternoon learning new concepts in a fun and creative manner.

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