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Madhubani is a traditional South Asian art-form named after the district where i ...
Conte Crayon
Conte Crayon - Conte crayon is a drawing medium created from mixing powdered charcoal or graphite wi ...
10 yrs, 11 yrs, 12 yrs
Indian Miniature Painting
Indian Miniature Painting - A miniature painting is decoration that accompanies text in a manuscript ...
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Patachitra Art
Pattachitra is an interesting form of art that the people of Orissa developed centuries ago. Like ma ...
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The Last Supper
Read about 'The Last Supper' painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. A biblical history of Jesus Christ, one ...
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Warli Art
Warli Art - Know more about the Warli Art form, A tribal art indigenous to the Warli people who live ...
10 yrs, 11 yrs, 12 yrs
GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the total value of all products manufactured and ...
What is Government?
What is government and how it is necessary for the smooth running of country with over a billion peo ...
7 yrs, 8 yrs, 9 yrs
Indian State Governments
Indian State Governments - India has 28 states and a single Prime Minister or President can’t poss ...
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Indian Fundamental Duties
Indian fundamental duties - To learn more about fundamental duties and benefit of society and countr ...
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Parliament of India
The Parliament of India consists of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha with the President of India ac ...
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The Bill of Rights
The Bill of Rights is the name given to the first 10 amendments found in the Constitution of the Uni ...
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Subodh Gupta - Read biography of Subodh Gupta who created mundane objects to giv ...
Mary Kom
Short biography of Mary Kom, is an Indian flyweight boxer. This mother of two is a 5-time world cham ...
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Erik Satie
Erik Satie - Read about Erik Satie, a colourful figure of modern classical music, his genius lay in ...
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Top 10 Olympic World Records
Olympic games are grouped into Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games. Here is a list of the ...
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Baneshwar Fair
Baneshwar Fair - Baneshwar fair, a tribal fair that takes place during the month of Shivaratri in In ...
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Hiroshi Hoketsu
Read about Hiroshi Hoketsu, a Japanese horseman. At 71, he is the oldest Japanese athlete to compete ...
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Object autobiography for creative writing - Try this exercise where you pick an ...
Long Sentence
Long Sentence - Fun worksheet for kids. Writing a sentence is simple. All you need is a subject, a v ...
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Crossword Worksheet
Crossword Worksheet (for Kids) - Simple crossword puzzle for kids. Just download this worksheet for ...
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Sight Words
Sight Words - With this free to download English worksheet for kids learn how to use is, the and his ...
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Fun Maze 1 – Rabbit and the carrot
Fun Maze 1 - Rabbit and the carrot - Help the bunny through the bushes to reach the carrot. Collect ...
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What is an Analogy?
What is an analogy? It is comparison between two things that are usually thought to be different. Co ...
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Learn how to make fireworks in a glass with the help of this fun scien ...


Read about Vinay Singh Interview. He will be the fourth India to trave ...
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Fluorescent Bulbs
Learn how switching over to fluorescent bulbs can reduce 90 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissio ...
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Space Junk
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Tips on how to prevent noise pollution. Plant trees, don't blast music on your computer, speak softl ...
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Mount Rushmore also known as the President’s Mountain is a carved sculpture mo ...
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List of interesting facts about India. India is the largest democracy with 29 states, 29 chief festi ...
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The Aztec Civilization
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Mythical Creatures – Part 1
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Read about Schonbrunn Palace and its history. The Palace of Schonbrunn, located in Vienna, Austria, ...
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Vedic Age (Vedic Period)
Watch this video about the Vedic age, a period of Indian pre-history, when the subcontinent was sett ...
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Learn all about the different types of numbers - Whole Numbers, Natural Numbers ...
Rainbow Fun
Rainbow Fun - Learn to add and also learn different colours of the rainbow in this single Math Works ...
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Time Trivia – Facts About Time
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Jugaad, pronounced as 'joo-gahd' is a colloquial Hindi-Urdu term. Jugaad helps i ...
Diwali Cracker
What is colorful, hard and smells like fire? Where am I?! I'ts Diwali, Diwali Cracker! There are man ...
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Here come the Rains!
Rains! Finally the monsoons have arrived so keep your rooms dry and clean and Keep doors and windows ...
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Tulip Fields in Holland
Keukenhof in Holland is one of the largest tulip fields with more than 7000 tulips in full bloom. Tu ...
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Redolent is a English word pronounced as red-ol-unt. It is used in the context of a fragrance which ...
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What is life?
The process of growing and changing and multiplying is life. Life is evolution. It doesn't necessari ...
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Dangerous Airports

10. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport

Saba Island
Getting to this amazingly beautiful Caribbean island can be a bit distressing, thanks to a mere 1300-foot-long runway—only slightly longer than most aircraft carrier runways. The incredibly short runway is surrounded by tall cliffs, and it comes dangerously close to a steep slope which leads directly to the ocean. For these reasons, it is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. An incorrect assessment of the pilot during the takeoff may take the airplane straight into the abyss.

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport

9. Qamdo Bamda Airport

Qamdo Bamda Airport is the world’s highest airport, perched more than 14,000 feet above sea level. Even more impressive than the airport’s altitude, however, is the nearly 3.5-mile-long runway. Apparently long runways are crucial to making safe landings at higher altitudes. At sea level, where the approach speed is about 150mph, it may take five thousand feet of runway to stop. But at more than fourteen thousand feet above sea level, the same approach speed will require around twice as runway to bring a plane to a halt.

Qamdo Bamda Airport

8. Gustaf III Airport

Saint Barthélemy
The small airport of Gustaf III, on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy, provides pilots and passengers alike with some fairly grave dangers. The corridor in which the runway has been built is incredibly narrow, and planes come frighteningly close to hitting the slopes of the adjacent upland area, or plummeting into the ocean, every time they land. The good thing is that—in this instance at least—no one was even slightly injured.

Gustaf III Airport

7. Ice Runway

The dangers of Ice Runway have more to do with the extreme weather conditions that the pilot has to deal with, rather than the design or position of the airport itself. The Ice Runway is one of three major airstrips used to haul supplies and researchers to Antarctica’s McMurdo Station. As its name implies, there’s no tarmac in sight—just long stretches of meticulously groomed ice and snow. The real challenge is making sure that the weight of the aircraft and cargo doesn’t bust the ice or get the plane stuck in soft snow.

Ice Runway

6. Courchevel Airport

The city of Courchevel in the French Alps is one of the most famous ski resorts in Europe, but it seems like the city owes much of its fame to its airport, which is located inside the mountains. Courchevel Airport is not only famous for its incredible height and bizarre location, but also for the fact that it has had a leading role in a James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies, which depicted Mr. Bond landing a plane successfully in the extremely dangerous airport.

Courchevel Airport

5. Barra International Airport

This is quite possibly the only airport in the world that also serves as a beach. Takeoffs and landings at Barra Airport occur on the same sand that people can stroll along during airport off-hours. And that’s just the beginning: during high tide in the evening, the illumination from the lights of all the cars passing by assist the pilot with his landing. Believe it or not, Barra is still an officially recognized international airport by the Air Traffic Organization, and it seems like any kind of logical or critical suggestion would be deemed irrelevant by the authorities.

 Banded Orange

4. Toncontin International Airport

In Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras, we can fly into one of the most dangerous and notorious airports in the world. The airport opened back in 1934, an era when planes were less powerful and didn’t require such lengthy runways. Toncontin’s runway is just over seven thousand feet long, and it’s situated in a valley surrounded by mountains. What’s even harder to believe—and by far the most hazardous aspect of this airport—is that there’s only one way in and one way out for the planes, which increases the risk dramatically.

Toncontin International Airport

3. Tenzing-Hillary Airport

Lukla Airport, as it was called originally, was later renamed Tenzing-Hillary Airport to honor the first climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Located in Lukla, Nepal, the airport serves thousands of climbers hoping to “conquer” Mount Everest, as well as trekkers wishing to explore the Everest region.Dangers at this airport include high winds and extreme cloud cover—but these are by no means the scariest aspects. One end of the runway is preceded by a two-thousand-foot drop.

Tenzing-Hillary Airport

2. Madeira Airport

The two main runways at Madeira Airport were just 5,250 feet long when the airport was first opened. After a horrifying crash in 1977, in which an incoming Boeing 727 smashed through a stone bridge and ended up on the beach. In the early 2000s, the runway was further lengthened by extending it across the beach. Against their better instincts, pilots must first aim the aircraft directly at a looming mountain peak, and then quickly bank to the right in order to avoid crashing into the mountain, in order to put themselves on course for the runway.

Madeira Airport

1. Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar airport is not only one of the most dangerous airports in the world, but one of the busier ones as well (especially compared to the other risky airports included in this list). No matter how unbelievable this might sound, the corridor of this airport actually passes through the main street of the city. Vehicles are made to stop every time an aircraft lands or takes off. It’s amazing that there has never been a major accident—and we can only hope it stays that way.

Gibraltar Airport

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