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How old is an antique?

General Knowledge | 6-14 yrs | Video, Animation

What is an antique?

An antique is an object or work of art which is rare and hence considered a collectable item. It is highly valued due to its age, craftsmanship, quality, historical importance and rarity. The origin of the word ‘antique’ is from the latin word antiquus meaning ‘old, ancient, old-fashioned’. Antiques can include furniture, jewelry, art work, carpets, books, etc.

What age is considered an antique?

As a common rule of thumb, objects that are 100 years or older are considered antiques. While valuing an antique, specialists look to see how rare the piece is, how many were originally made, materials used, the craftsmanship, condition of the antique and how much in demand it is.

What is the difference between an antique, collectable and a vintage object?

Old objects are often slotted under one of three categories – antiques, collectables or vintage. However, their value is not based on this categorisation. It is based on its demand in the market. An antique is an object more than 100 years old, collectables are old but less than 100 years old and vintage items are those that are less than 25 years old or have come back into fashion.