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April Fools Pranks Generator

Festivals | 6-12 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod, Learning Pod

Looking for ideas for April Fools’ Day? Read on for easy pranks, pranks that will fox your friends and family and give you a good laugh! A good prank needs preparation, so get ready in advance for April 1- it only comes once a year.

Best April Fools Day Pranks

  1. Switch the sugar pot with the salt pot.
  2. Make up a false test sheet of one of your brother’s test with an F grade. When your brother comes home, show the test sheet to your mom and watch how your brother falsely gets scolded.
  3. Using safety pins, tie all of your dad’s underwear and watch your dad pull them out together in dismay.
  4. Change the clocks to one hour ahead; and laugh while everyone is running to get dressed for work and you are just sitting idle.
  5. Put the car keys inside jelly and freeze it. Then serve it to mom.
  6. Smear some toothpaste inside Oreos biscuits and see the weird faces everyone makes as they eat it.
  7. Glue a coin where your sister usually moves her mouse on the laptop table; and laugh as she tries her best to control the mouse.
  8. Stick a balloon at the tail pipe of your car, and watch the car go bang as your father switches on the engine.
  9. Paste plastic wrap over the toilet seats at night; and hear the ewws in the morning.
  10. Place a fake and slimy animal inside your friend’s tiffin box, like inside the sandwich; and watch your friend scream out as he bites on it.
  11. Paint the bottom of your friend’s shoes; and laugh as the teacher makes him clean the classroom floor as the shoe leaves marks everywhere.
  12. Insert a squeaky mouse inside your friend’s shoe and giggle away as he goes squeak squeak.
  13. Paint some rice black and place it on your brother’s bed. Then tell your mother that since your brother has been secretly eating cookies at night in bed, the mice have been visiting him.
  14. Place some edible black paint inside your sibling’s milk shake and chuckle as his teeth turn black.
  15. Place a sign on your mother’s car, which says, “Honk as my family is playing an April Fool’s Day prank.” Your mom will wonder why everyone is honking at her.
  16. Paint a layer of clear nail polish over the bath soap; and watch everyone struggle to get foam.
  17. Sprinkle salt on everyone’s toothbrushes.
  18. Put tabasco in strawberry or raspberry  jelly.
  19. Put Mentos in an ice cube tray then pour water in it and wait for it to freeze. Then when your friend puts ice cubes in his drink he will see that it’s over flowing  because the Mentos has a chemical reaction with the Coke.
  20. Put some candy on top of the ceiling fan then tell someone to switch on the fan.
  21. Fill the soap dispensers in the house with any type  of syrup.
  22. When your parents are sleeping, draw or put stickers on their face.
  23. Wake up your parents on Sunday telling them that you have school and that they forgot to drop you to school.

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