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Winter Foods To Keep You Warm

Ask Coley | 6-12 yrs | Video, Animation

What are winter foods?

Winter foods are foods which are available in the winter months and help keep the body warm and provide nutrition during the cold season. They boost your immunity and reduce the chances of catching common diseases such as colds and cases of flu.

What is the best food to eat in the winter?

Foods high in vitamins and minerals are the best foods to eat in the winter. For example, swap out regular potatoes for sweet potatoes as they are a rich source of Vitamin A, potassium and fibre. Turnips and their greens are also a great source of nutrients such as Vitamin K and also Vitamin A. Other sources of nutrients include dried dates, almonds and walnuts.

Winter Vegetables:

Radish – High in Vitamin A, K, B6, C and E, along with antioxidants, zinc and potassium.

Mustard Greens – Loaded with anti-oxidants, iron and fibre.

Winter Squash – A great source of Vitamin C.

Winter Fruits:

Oranges – High in Vitamin C (which helps curb the common cold)

Strawberries – A great source of Vitamin B9 and Vitamin C

Apples – Loaded with antioxidants and dietary fibre.