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What is Average?

Maths | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Learning Pod

Definition of Average

Calculating an average refers to the sum of numbers divided by how many numbers there are.

Example of Average

Lets us try and understand how an average is calculated with the help of an example.

Arjun, Krishna and and Ram went out to the fields one day to collect some mangoes. By the end of the day, Arjun had collected 10 mangoes, Krishna had collected 5 mangoes and Ram had collected 3 mangoes.

In total, Arjun, Krishna and Ram had collected 10 + 5 + 3 mangoes = 18 mangoes

How to Calculate Average?

To know the average number of mangoes collected by Arjun, Krishna and Ram, as the definition suggests, we need to divide the number of mangoes, with the number of friends who helped collect them. So we divide 18 ÷ 3 = 6

And get to know the average number of mangoes collected stands at 6 mangoes per person.

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