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Child Songs Of Cheer-01

Primary Poems | 6-8 yrs | Reading Pod


A robin redbreast, fluting there
Upon the apple-bough,
Is telling all the world how fair
Are apple-blossoms now;
The honey-dew its sweetness spills
From cuckoo-cups, and all
The crocuses and daffodils
Are drest for festival!
Such pretty things are to be seen,
Such pleasant things to do,
The April earth it is so green,
The April sky so blue,[12]
The path from dawn to even-song
So joyous is to-day,
Up, little ones! and dance along
The lilac-scented way!

Hey-a-day-a-day, my dear! Dandelion time!
Come, and let us make for them a pretty little rhyme!
See the meadows twinkling now, beautiful and bright
As the sky when through the blue shine the stars at night!
Once upon a time, folks say, mighty kings of old
Met upon a splendid field called “The Cloth of Gold.”
But, we wonder, could it be there was ever seen
Brighter gold than glitters now in our meadows green?
Dandelions, dandelions, shining through the dew,
Let the kings have Cloth of Gold, but let us have you!

Little ears as soft as silk,
Little teeth as white as milk,
Little noses cool and pink,
Little eyes that blink and blink,
Little bodies round and fat,
Little hearts that pit-a-pat,
Surely prettier puppies never
Were before nor can be ever!

O dear! my purple toy balloon
Has flown away! and very soon
It will be high up as the moon!
And don’t you think the man up there
Will wonder what it is, and stare?
Perhaps hell say, “Well, I declare!”
Or, maybe if it chance there are
Some little boys in yonder star,
And if it floats away so far,
Perhaps they’ll jump up very high
And catch the cord as it goes by!
At any rate I hope they’ll try!

Read more from the PDF above.

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  2. Dandelions
  3. Our Puppies
  4. The Lost Ballons
  5. The Circus Procession
  6. May Baskets
  7. The Picture-Book Giant
  8. Did You Ever
  9. Decorative Day
  10. Chu-Chu Cars
  11. Fairy Rings
  12. The Firefly
  13. A Rain Song
  14. Fairies
  15. The Little Fir-Tree
  16. The Wren-House
  17. Baby Ride
  18. An Indian Raid

You can read the eBook online or download it on your PC and read later using the big red button at the top.

For other interesting poems and rhymes, go to: https://mocomi.com/fun/poems/