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Earthworm : The Farmer’s Friend

Biology | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Learning Pod

How do Earthworms help Farmers?

Martin heard his mother shriek. She was staring at over thirty earthworms crawling on the bathroom floor. “Quick Martin! Bring some salt. I will sprinkle on the earthworm and they will die,” she screamed.

Martin said, “No mother, don’t kill them please! They are harmless. I promise I will get rid of them!”

Martin carefully picked the earthworms up and placed them in a box. He took them to a patch of land in the garden that his father didn’t use and released them in the ground.

In the evening, Martin went to Eeshan’s place to study. He told Eeshan that his father was going to take part in a gardening contest. Eeshan said, “My father has a book on gardening. Let’s go and check it out.”

As Eeshan was flipping through the pages of the book his eyes fell on a chapter title, “Earthworm, a farmer’s friend.” He said, “Martin! Here it says that an earthworm is a farmer’s friend because they turn the soil and large pieces of organic matter and make the soil fertile. This helps in making the plants grow naturally and well.”

Martin took the earthworms out of the patch in his home carefully, and placed them inside the pot of the tomato plant. Over a week the tomatoes had grown into plump and healthy fruits and were ready for the contest.

On the day of the contest, Martin, Eeshan and Martin’s mother saw Martin’s father return with the trophy. He thanked Eeshan and Martin for making this possible. Martin spoke, “Einstein Iyengar helps so many people in need, wouldn’t he help my father?”

Everyone laughed and Martin’s father treated them at a restaurant.

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