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Human Feelings and Emotions

Biology | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Interactive

Very often we feel so many things, but are unable to express what exactly is happening to us or is bothering us. We do know from our behaviour that we are not our usual self. People around us do realise the same but we don’t know how to handle it as children.

Let us today understand some of these feelings that we experience in our day to day life and help ourselves overcome it.

What are Feelings?

Feelings are something that we feel from within or inside ourselves. Feelings never remain the same for too long, they keep changing. There are different kinds of feelings that we experience. Sometimes we feel happy, sad, worried, lonely and so much more.

Types of Feelings

What happens when we feel some of the above?

What is Sadness?

  • Sadness is a feeling wherein we feel upset and may want to cry. It often makes us feel drained and tired. Even though it is not a very good feeling, it is normal to experience it.
  • When we are sad we may not feel like playing with our friends and wish to be left alone, without being disturbed.
  • We tend to feel sad when we have had a hard day at school, when someone is rude or mean to us, or if we see people around us argue.
  • It is not good to stay sad for too long. When we feel sad we must talk to someone and tell them about it. Never worry or bother what the other is going to think of you.
  • If you don’t wish to tell someone, then you can do something fun and that which you enjoy doing. You will immediately feel the difference and begin to feel happy gain.

What is Shyness?

  • Shyness too is a feeling, where you find it hard to converse with people you don’t know well.
  • When we feel shy we feel like hiding or running away from the person or situation. We may feel hot or may blush.
  • Many people feel shy when they have to perform in front of an audience, make new friends or introduce themselves in a group.
  • Children who feel shy, must try and talk to someone they trust and are close to, in order to help them overcome this feeling. You must make an effort to interact in a group and try and talk to those you are comfortable with. It is absolutely normal to feel shy and many children outgrow this as they grow older.
  • You can help children who feel shy or are new in your neighbourhood or school. Be kind to them, make them comfortable, talk to them, ask them to join you when you play. You will make it easier for them to come out of their shyness.

What is Worry?

  • We worry when we fear something bad is going to happen. Worrying makes us feel sick and uneasy. Sometimes when we worry we feel our heartbeat race and we tend to lose sleep.
  • We worry when we have not finished our assignment for school or if we are moving to a new environment.
  • Worrying is not good as it stops us from thinking logically. We stop enjoying ourselves because we feel worried from within.
  • You can easily identify a family member or friend who is worried from their behaviour. They may lose appetite or snap easily over small and petty issues.
  • If you want to help a person who is worried, the best thing for you to do is be a good listener.

What is Loneliness?

  • This is a very common feeling amongst young and old. When we feel lonely we feel like we have no one around us or that no one wants to be with us.
  • Loneliness often makes you want to cry and you feel sad, bored and angry.
  • When you shift to a new home or school and don’t know the children around you, you may feel lonely for a few days till you settle.
  • Whenever you feel lonely tell an adult. You can ask them to take you out for a walk or a drive. You can join some art or dance class. It is easy to identify a lonely person, they usually look sad or upset and sit all by themselves.
  • You can help a lonely person by inviting them over to play or sitting with them and talking to them.