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The Force of Friction

Physics | 7-14 yrs | Interactive

The Science behind Friction

The topic under discussion in science class was friction. The teacher said, “Friction is a force acting on the opposite side of the movement of an object.”

Nitin asked, “Sir, does friction come into play when we are walking?”

The teacher said, “Yes, Nitin!”

Eeshan said, “Sir, does friction depend on the type of surface too?”

The teacher said, “Certainly! When you put oil or smoothen the surface of the road, you slip. This is because the friction is less.”

Nitin and Eeshan were walking back home. Nitin took two bananas out of his school bag and gave one to Eeshan.

Eeshan said, “This banana peel is so smooth. So by what Sir said it will reduce the frictional force between the sole of our shoe and the road. No wonder people slip on a banana peel.”

The boys heard a commotion. A man was running from the crowd and had a handbag in his hand. The crowd was shouting, “Stop thief!”

Eeshan threw both the banana peels in the path of the thief who was running their way. As soon as the thief stepped on the peels he fell. The crowd gave the thief a sound beating. A man took the purse from the thief’s hand and gave it back to an old lady.

The man said, “Here is a hundred rupee note for helping my mother.”

Eeshan and Nitin were ecstatic with the money for ice cream but they were happier helping someone.

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