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Chinese New Year Facts and History

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This year, Chinese New Year is falling on February 16, 2018. This day is important in Chinese culture. The holidays run for 15 days, starting from the first day of a new moon and ending with the full moon. The Lantern Festival happens then, with lantern displays and a parade at night. Chinese New Year tradition- In many places, there is a dragon dance too on this day.

Facts about Chinese New Year

In Chinese New Year, the date of the new year changes every year, because the Chinese base their calendar on lunar years. The date depends on the day when a new moon rises.
The Chinese New Year calendar has a 12 years cycle. Each year is based on the name of an animal. 2018 will be the Chinese Year of the dog.

Story behind Chinese New Year

A long time ago in China, Buddha wanted a way to measure time. So he invited all the animals to race against each other in crossing a river. 12 animals could do this successfully and the Emperor rewarded these 12 animals by naming a year after each one of them, in the order in which they had crossed the river. So, Chinese New Year starts with the year of the Rat, followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Chinese Zodiac Animal Years

Depending on the year that you are born in, you are supposed to have qualities of the animal representing that year. Discover your animal sign with the help of your birth year

Birth Year Animal Sign Quality Traits
1996, 2008 Rat Imaginative, generous, observant, intelligent, secretive
1997, 2009 Ox Leaders, confident, disciplined, strong, impatient
1998,2010 Tiger Sensitive, emotional, competitive, natural leaders, courageous
1999,2011 Rabbit Wise, thoughtful, affectionate, selfish, quiet, intelligent
2000,2012 Dragon Enthusiastic, perfectionist, intelligent, self-confident, proud
2001,2013 Snake Possessive, proud, thinker, secretive, wise
2002,2014 Horse Witty, friendly, cheerful, popular, impatient, alert
2003,2015 Sheep Intelligent, well-mannered, creative, dependent, shy
2004,2016 Monkey Intelligent, witty, social, talkative, restless, mischievous
2005,2017 Rooster Hard working, courageous, dreamers, practical, bossy
2006,2018 Dog Honest, reliable, logical, anxious, introverts
2007,2019 Pig Sincere, friendly, intellectual, honest, lazy, innocent

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  1. i am a tiger !!!
    ,sensitive, courageous, emotional , a natural leader and a bit competitive

    AND i LOVE being one
    from bumblebeee