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Harry Houdini – The World’s Handcuffs King

Biography | 7-14 yrs | Animation, Video

11 Interesting Harry Houdini Facts

  1. Harry Houdini was from Hungary.
  2. His first performance was in 1883, at age 9. He picked up pins with his eyelashes.
  3. Houdini challenged the police of England, Scotland, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Russia. The police would search him and then handcuff him in chains. Houdini would free himself easily.
  4. Houdini was buried alive in a 6 foot deep pit.
  5. He has even escaped from the belly of a whale.
  6. In his most famous stunt, he was sealed in a casket which was then submerged in water for an hour.
  7. Houdini explained that many locks could be opened by applying force properly. Other locks could be opened with shoestrings.
  8. Often, he would swallow small keys and bring them up when he needed them.
  9. When he was tied down, he would keep some room to wiggle. He would puff his chest and move his arms a little away from his body.
  10. He could hold his breath for three minutes.
  11. Funk and Wagnall’s ‘New Dictionary’ turned the name Houdini into a verb. ‘Houdinize’ means ‘to release oneself from confinement and bonds by wriggling out.’