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How do 3D Films Work?

Technology | 7-14 yrs | Animation, Video

Your eyes are about 50 mm to 75 mm apart.

Try closing your eyes one at a time and looking at an object. The right eye will see a little more of the right side. The left eye will see a larger version of the left side.

Stereoscopic Vision

Merging the two visions at the back of the brain forms a stereoscopic vision.

3D films use a similar technique. During shooting, two cameras are kept so that the distance between their lenses is similar to the distance between your eyes.

Then, polarising filters are used. They only let light in which vibrates on one plane.

How does a Polarising Filter work?

If you look at a Venetian blind, you will see slats which allow the light, coming from various angles, to filter through on just one level. Polarising filters function similarly.

How do 3D Glasses work?

Via 3D glasses, the left eye sees one frame of the film polarised to a horizontal plane. The right eye sees the next frame of the film polarised to a vertical plane.

The combination of these images in the brain, creates the magical illusion of a 3D movie.

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