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How do Fireworks Work?

Chemistry | 7-14 yrs | Video, Animation

All kids like fireworks used during festivals in India and across the world. But do you know what goes into making one? Watch this animated learning module to know more about what goes into that firecracker.

When was the first firework made?

Fireworks have been a part of celebrations ever since their invention by the Chinese in the 7th century. Firecrackers are essentially packets of gunpowder that are packaged in different ways. The components of gunpowder react with each other when heat is applied to it.

What is in a sparklers?:

A sparkler consists of a chemical mixture of aluminium, iron, steel, or zinc that is moulded onto a rigid stick or wire. Once one end of the sparkler is ignited, it burns progressively to the other end.

Rockets :

The aerial shell of a rocket contains packed gunpowder. The hole in the bottom of the rocket allows the expanding Nitrogen and CO2 gas to launch the firework into the sky. The colour and shape of the explosion is determined by the way the components are packed inside the aerial shell.


Research why an oxidizing agent in absolutely necessary to make gunpowder? Would the explosion be the same if it wasn’t part of the compound?