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Inside a Whale’s Heart

Where am I? | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Interactive

Looks like a big cave. What is this sound? Is there something behind… ohh.. its a giant wave of water!! Awww…

Humph…Humph… how long till I reach the end? I have swam through all the four chambers with this deafening sound of ‘dubb dub’ every ten seconds!

Here comes a gush of blood….swoop! And here comes another…these massive arteries are pumping blood at a jet speed. Do you know these arteries are so big that they can fit a fully grown man inside them?

Inside the Heart of the World’s Largest Animal!

Oh, looks like I am inside the heart of the world’s largest animal- the Blue Whale. Thankfully they don’t eat people but I better hurry and find a way out or I might be pumped into some other organ along with the blood!

The Blue Whale is the largest living animal in the world. Everything about the Blue whale is humongous. And so is the whale’s heart.

3 Amazing Facts about A Blue Whale’s Heart

  1. A blue whale’s heart can weight approximately 180 kilograms, as much as a tractor tyre. Legend has it that the arteries are so huge that a fully grown person can swim inside them! The main artery or the aorta alone is over 9 inch long.
  2. The whale heart pumps 220 litres of blood per beat as compared to 5 to 7 litres of human blood in a minute. A Blue Whale’s heart beats every ten seconds and the beat is so loud that it can be heard at least two miles away!
  3. In the news: Recent research in a museum in Canada has shown that a Blue Whale’s heart is the size of a mini golf cart, not a car as it was believed to be; after they dissected the body of a dead Blue whale who dies in an ice trap. They also say that the aorta can fit a human head inside and not a full grown human.

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