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Learn to Multiply – Part 1
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Learn to Multiply – Part 1

Maths | 8-10 yrs | Learning Pod

Learn to Multiply – Part 1 – Learn simple ways on how to do your nine times table or eleven with the help of this mathematics worksheet for kids which can also be downloaded for free.

Math tables drive everyone nuts! There are simple tips and tricks to remembering many of these nutty numbers. We hope they help you remember many of your tables and more importantly begin to like working with numbers- once you see how easy they are!

9 times table on your fingers
Hold your hands in front of you, with the fingers spread out.
For 9 X 3, bend your third finger down.
You have 2 fingers in front of your bent finger and 7 after it. So the answer must be 27. This technique works for the 9 times table upto 10.

Learn your 11s
Multiply 11 by 3 to get 33. Multiply 11 by 4 to get 44. Each number is just duplicated till 10. Use this strategy for 2 digit numbers only.
Multiply 11 by 18. 11 X 18= ?
Jot down 1 and 8 with a space in between.
Add 8 and 1. 8+1= 9.
Put that number in the missle, to get the answer- 198.

To download this worksheet to your computer, click on the red download button at the top.

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