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Lion Facts and Information

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Interactive

Characteristics of the Lion

Lion or “The king of the jungle” is found in savannas, grasslands, dense bush and woodlands. They vary in colour. But mostly they have sport light yellow- brown coats. Mature male lions possess brown or black manes encircling their necks, which protect them while fighting. Lions live in large groups known as “prides”. Each pride consists of about 15 lions. In a pride the number of females and their young are more than the males. A single male, or group of 2 to 3 males join a pride for about 3 years. It has been found that lions within a pride are quiet affectionate in nature. They enjoy company of one another by touching, licking, purring and head rubbing.

Types of Lion

Asiatic Lion

They are also known as Indian Lion or Persian Lion. Asiatic lion is a lion subspecies which exists in Gujarat. They are considered as one of the five big cats found in India. They possess less developed manes and larger tail tuft.

African Lion

They are the biggest of the African carnivores and are tawny to sandy brown in colour. They possess long tail with distinctive black tuft at the tip. The adult males possess manes of varying colours (tawny to black). They have large heads with a heavy muzzle.

9 Interesting Facts about Lions

  1. The scientific name of lion is Panthera Leo.
  2. Lion is the only social member of the cat family Felidae.
  3. Lions feed on both large (Ex. Zebra, Giraffe, Buffalo, Rhinos) and small (Hares, Birds and Reptiles) animals. Their choices vary depending on the availability of food.
  4. Hunting is mainly done by the females. They are nocturnal and move in groups for prey.
  5. The African lion population has reduced by half by early 1950s. At present; the lion population in Africa is less than 21,000.
  6. The roar of a lion is usually heard over five miles away.
  7. They are the second largest living feline species next to tigers.
  8. Young cubs are often attacked by other animals such as black-backed jackals, hyenas and leopards.
  9. Though the cubs begin hunting at age of 11 months but they continue to live with their mothers for at least two years.

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