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Moon Phases (Phases of Moon)

Geography | 9-11 yrs | look and take

What are the different types of moon?

  • As the Moon moves in spaces, different parts of it face the sun.
  • We only see one side if the moon from Earth.
  • Waxing is when the bit of the moon we see gets bigger every night.
  • Waning is when the moon appears to be getting smaller every night.
  • The New moon is when the moon is all dark.
  • The crescent moon is when it looks like a “C” shapes.
  • The Quarter moon is when half of the moon is visible.
  • A Gibbous moon is between the quarter and full moon stages.
  • The full moon is when the moon is all lit up.
  • A second full moon in one month is called a blue moon.

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