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Names of Santa’s Reindeer
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Names of Santa’s Reindeer

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“Rudolph the red nosed reindeer…” most of us are familiar with this song. But do you know the names of all of Santa’s furry, horned friends?
The carol “Night before Christmas” gives us the names of 8 of these magical helpers. Rudolph, you might be surprised to learn, was only added to the list in 20th Century. Before Rudolph, there were only these

What are the names of Santa’s 9 Reindeer?

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen.

But it’s never fun just knowing the names is it? So let’s get to know a bit more about Santa’s magical helpers –

1. Rudolph –

Of course, we all know about him as he’s the most famous one of them all! He’s the youngest member of the team and his shiny red nose lights up the sky to help Santa find his way in bad weather.

2. Blitzen –

Blitzen’s name comes from the German word for lightning. True to his name, Blitzen always charges ahead. His special power is the ability to infuse his team with lightning, to make them zoom around faster. This ability is particularly handy when Santa’s running in late.

3. Donder –

Donner, just like Blitzen, is a name of German origin. It means “thunder”. And Donder has a thunderous presence and a loud booming voice! A proud animal, Donder loves singing along with Santa.

4. Cupid –

Cupid, as the name suggests, is the most affectionate one of the lot. With Christmas reins decorated with green and red heart-shaped bells, Cupid’s motto is to spread love, which is often accomplished by placing mistletoe over unsuspecting people.

5. Comet –

Never far away from Cupid, Comet is as fast as his name implies! His laid-back charm and easy going nature make him a hit with the kids. He really is quite adorable, which is why Santa often takes him to check up on kids. The handsome Comet is an inspiration for kids to be on their best behaviour.

6. Vixen –

Vixen is playful and charming, and quite foxy! She is witty and easy-going and makes everybody laugh. The kids love her tricks, and Santa cleverly uses this when he forgets a gift on the list!

7. Prancer –

The most majestic of them all, Prancer is light on his feet and looks impressive as he kicks and speeds through the air. He loves prancing around with the elves in Santa’s factory, and Santa loves taking him whenever he wants to make a grand entrance!

8. Dancer –

With a passion for dance, Dancer, too is blessed with Grace. Dancing around with Prancer, the pair are a sight to behold! Dancer is gentler than Prancer, but is deceptively fast! Santa loves the ease and elegance with which she handles her job, and often takes her along with Prancer on rides to impress.

9. Dasher –

Last, but certainly not the least, comes Dasher. Dasher is known best for his bursts of speed, which come in especially handy when the holiday gift list is long. Together with Blitzen, he makes timely deliveries possible and Santa loves him for it.

So now we know all about Santa’s reindeer. Of course, everyone has different stories to tell about them. But that’s what makes them so magical, doesn’t it?

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