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Correct Posture at Work
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Correct Posture at Work

Gifographic | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Animation

Stop slouching! Sitting up straight is not just the respectful thing to do in the presence of company. It is in fact, something you should do if you want to avoid (or cure) all kinds of back problems. Believe it or not, good posture will also make you a happier and more energetic person!

Here’s what Bad Posture does to your Body

  1. It makes you tired – Poor posture leads to, and often increases fatigue. Your muscles have to spend extra energy holding you up, which means energy is wasted, causing tiredness.
  2. Gives you achy muscles – If you’ve had poor posture for a long time, your muscles are probably stiff, which makes them ache.
  3. Limits motion – Your muscles can become permanently shortened or stretched if you keep slouching.
  4. Makes you look older than you are – If you’ve noticed, old people generally slouch as they’re walking. Mere slouching can make you look old and weary.
  5. Makes you sad – When you’re unhappy or depressed, your shoulders tend to sag, and your neck seems to droop. The converse is also true – if you keep slouching, it’s bound to get your spirits down!

Rules for Good Posture

  1. Head high
  2. Chin up
  3. Shoulders back
  4. Back straight
  5. Chest out
  6. Tummy in

How to Sit right at your Desk?

  1. Ensure your chair is the proper height – meaning, you shouldn’t have to slouch
  2. Use a chair with good back support
  3. Make sure your elbows and wrists have support
  4. Ensure your screen is at arm’s length from you and is around 15 degrees lower than eye level
  5. Ensure your knees are higher than your hips

Also, make sure you get off your back and stretch your muscles for at least 2 minutes every half hour.
Follow all these steps and you might just be able to avoid looking like a cave person!