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Row of Diyas Stencil (Cut-out for Kids)
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Row of Diyas Stencil (Cut-out for Kids)

Cut-outs | 6-14 yrs | look and take

Row of Diyas Stencil – Free for download, Row of Diyas Stencil cutout for kids which helps bring stability to their hands using a pair of scissors. Download the Row of Diyas Stencil cut-out now to draw, colour, paint, hook or stick.

Use a colour or black and white printer to print out the Row of Diyas Stencil cut-out. Use scissors judiciously and keep yourself safe or you may also take help from your parents.

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We have a huge collection of similar cut-outs for kids. To download them for free, visit: mocomi.com/fun/arts-crafts/printables/cut-outs/


  1. I want some custom design. Can you let me know if you can make it for me and cost involved. If not please let me know how to design on my own. Thank you.