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Santa Tracker Game

Strategy | 6-12 yrs | Interactive

Track Santa Claus

Ho ho ho! It’s that time of the year when Santa Claus pays us a visit. Have you ever thought of tracking Santa? Following him on his journey all over the world? Wouldn’t that be exciting?

So what would you have to do, exactly? Well, it’s simple. Do you have a good memory? We’re sure you do! Just have a look at Santa’s route across the world. Look at your screen for as long as you need, till you’re sure you remember the countries Santa’s going to visit!

Since you’re going to track him, you will need to be careful to remember the order of the countries he’s going to visit. Have fun seeing him drop gifts all over the world. See kids in countries across the world rejoice as they get their presents from the sky!

Santa will visit Greenland, Europe, Russia, Middle East, India, Australia, Africa, South America and North America. Can you guess what the time in each of these countries will be when he visits?

So let’s get started! Good luck! Tell us how you fared in the comments. Have fun.

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