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Superheroes Crossword Puzzle

Puzzles | 7-14 yrs | Interactive

Solve this Superhero Puzzle!

  1. This superhero gets his power from a ring.
  2. This superhero can manipulate the weather.
  3. Superman’s real name.
  4. This superhero carries an indestructible shield.
  5. With great power comes great ______________.
  6. Wolverine’s claws are made out of _________.
  7. Who calmed The Hulk down?
  8. This superhero’s tools include bullet proof bracelets and a magic lasso.
  9. The X-Men’s plane.
  10. Bow and arrow is this superhero’s favourite weapon.
  11. This Spider-man villain was a fan based concept Marvel bought for $220.
  12. This superhero is also known as the god of lightning.
  13. This villain can control metal at his will.
  14. This superhero can change her body to look like someone else.
  15. This superhero has the ability to teleport himself anywhere.
  16. Pyro has the ability to control or produce ______ at his will.
  17. This man has no super power but he is one the greatest heroes ever.
  18. The teenager ‘Quick Silver’ Has the ability to run faster than _____.
  19. If you want to party and have the time of your life you should stick with this guy.

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  1. 1.Green Lanter
    2. Storm
    3. Clark Kent
    Captain america
    black widow
    black bird
    Green Arrow
    12. thor
    16. Fire
    Tony Stark