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The Lost Turquoises

Secondary Kids Stories | 9-12 yrs | Reading Pod

That night there was a whispered consultation in Mrs. Ware’s tent while Lloyd was undressing in the other one. Sitting on the edge of her mother’s bed, Joyce rapidly outlined a plan which she had thought of on her way home.

“You see, I haven’t done anything special at all to give Lloyd a good time,” she began.

“This picnic was Phil’s affair. When I was at her house-party, there was something new on the programme nearly every day. She’s been here nearly a month now, and her visit will soon be over. I’d like to give her one real larky day before she goes. Mrs. Lee said that I could have Bogus to-morrow, and, as it is Saturday, the children will be at home to help you.

So I thought it would be fun for Jack and Lloyd and me to ride over to the Indian school. It’s so interesting, and it doesn’t cost anything to get in. Then we could go on to the ostrich farm just outside of Phoenix. Lloyd wants to get some kodak pictures of the ostriches. The admission fee will only be seventy-five cents for the three of us. I can pay that out of the money that Mrs. Link sent, and get a nice little lunch at Coffee Al’s restaurant, and still have enough left to pay for my hive of bees. We can spend the rest of the afternoon prowling around the curio shops and picture stores.

Lloyd wants to get ever so many things to take home,—bead belts and moccasins, and things made out of cactus and orangewood. I haven’t said anything to her about it yet, but Phil said that if we went he would join us.”

“I think that is a very good plan,” said Mrs. Ware, entering into whatever Joyce proposed with hearty interest. “You’d better not tell her to-night, or you’ll lie awake talking about it too long, and you’ll need to make an early start, you know.”

By half-past eight next morning the little cavalcade was on its way, Jack and Lloyd riding on ahead, and Phil and Joyce following leisurely. The road they took led through irrigated lands, and green fields and blooming orchards greeted them at every turn, instead of the waste stretches of desert that they were accustomed to seeing.

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