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Maths | 8-14 yrs | Learning Pod

What are Triangles?

Learn all about triangles with the help of this mathematics worksheet for kids which can also be downloaded for free.

A triangle is not found only in math, it is found everywhere we look. This is because the triangle is the single strongest structure as it cannot be bent into a different shape. the reason is that the angles in a triangle cannot change once it is built. This is because a triangle has three sides and three angles and each angle is fixed by the side opposite to it.

Let’s list some examples of structures built using triangles-

  • Bridges
  • Roofs of houses
  • Communication towers
  • Camera tripods
  • Pyramids
  • Door stops (to keep them open)

Let’s also list triangles occurring in nature-

  • Star
  • Leaves
  • Grass
  • Rocks

Suggested activity-

Look around your neighborhood and see if you recognize any man made or naturally occurring triangles. Discuss it in your math class and see how much this simple shape has contributed to our living.

To download this worksheet to your computer, click on the red download button at the top.

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