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Vikram Betaal: The Strange Decision

Vikram And Betaal Stories | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

King Vikram was back with the corpse Betal lying on his shoulders. Betal started narrating another story to Vikram.

Many years ago, in the village of Kishannagar there lived a strong and kind king- Rajendra. His queen Prema and the King were married for very long but they did not have a child. The King was very kind and just to his people. After many years the King and the queen were blessed with a baby girl. They named her Sona.

Sona, being the only child, was loved immensely by her parents. She was given the freedom to choose what she wants. Not only was she sharp in studies, she was also proficient at bow and arrow and with the sword. Sona grew up fast and soon reached her marriageable age. Her parents wanted her to get married to a suitable suitor but Sona refused. She said, ‘Father, I will marry that man who is more skilled than me and shall defeat me in a bow arrow and sword competition.’

The King thought it was fair enough and so he made an announcement in his kingdom. Many suitors came thinking that it is a girl they have to fight. They will easily defeat a girl. But Sona proved each of them wrong. She easily defeated everyone and they had to go back home disappointed.

Among the crowd was a young man named Uday. He came everyday to watch Sona fight. He observed her and soon learnt all the techniques and strategies that Sona used for her fights. He then presented himself to the King. When he fought Sona, and very cleverly and easily defeated her. The King then asked Uday from where he had learnt such skilled fighting technique. To this Uday told the king the truth that he had observed Sona and so learnt how to defeat her.

Sona immediately replied, ‘You have defeated me, but I cannot marry you.’ To which Uday replied, ‘Yes, you should not marry me.’ The King and the queen were surprised at their decision.

‘Oh Vikram, now you tell me, why did she say that Uday cannot marry her even after he defeated her? If you do not speak even if you know the answer, you are not a king of Justice’, said Betal.

Vikram replied, ‘Uday had learnt all the strategies by observing Sona fight. This makes Sona a guru or Uday’s teacher. In Hindu culture, a teacher cannot marry a student. Sona realized that Uday was first her student and then a suitor. Uday also thought in the same manner and thus decided not to marry Sona.’

So Vikram had broken his silence with the reply and Betal flew back to the old tree while Vikram once again ran behind him with his sword.

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