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What is an Analogy?

English Worksheets | 6-10 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

Analogy Definition

Just to refresh your memory, an analogy is a comparison between two things that are usually thought to be different, but have something in common. Have fun exercising your logical skills in this English language activity.

Complete these Analogies

1. Bird is to feather as dog is to —.
2. Hot is to Sahara Desert as —- is to North Pole.
3. Long is to short as wide is to ——.
4. Spider is to web as bird is to —-.
5. Dog is to paw as horse is to —-.
6. Milk is to cow as egg is to ——-.
7. Doctor is to hospital as teacher is to ——.
8. Herd is to cows as school is to —-.
9. Atlas is to maps as dictionary is to —–.
10. Water is to boils as ice is to —–.

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