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What is Atmospheric Pressure?

Physics | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

How Atmospheric Pressure will help us in the Physical Education class?

Why don’t we tell the principal?” asked Nitin.

The children were discussing the fact that the new Physical Education substitute used to beat children with his scale.

“He is in very good terms with the principal. He is his relative. So the principal will never believe us. It’s our word against his,” said Martin.

“What’s with the discussion? Let us start today’s lesson. Today we will read about atmospheric pressure.” The science teacher had begun the class.

The teacher continued, “It is the force exerted by the weight of the air. Even though air is made of small molecules and we can’t see it, we feel it. This pressure is higher at sea level. The earth’s atmosphere is pressing against every square inch of our body with a force of 1 kilogram per square centimeter. So you can imagine that the force on us will be in several tons!”

Eeshan spoke up, “Sir, then why don’t we get squashed with so much pressure?”

“Good question, Eeshan,” the teacher acknowledged, “We have air inside our body too. So it gets balanced. So as we climb up, or go into the sea, the air pressure outside decreases. Which is why we have trouble breathing.”

The bell rang and the teacher promised to continue the class the next day.

“That was an interesting class, ” said Eeshan.

“I don’t know how will that help us in the Physical Education class. I am dreading going there,” said Nitin.

Eeshan picked up the newspaper on the teacher’s table, “Maybe it will help us,” he said.