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What letter starts the most words in the english language?

Why Lingual | 7-14 yrs | Video, Animation

More English words begin with the letter ‘S’ than any other letter of the alphabet

Em: Hey Emma, now that you seem to spend so much time with that dictionary of yours, can I ask you a question?
Emma: I am enjoying my ice cream, but go ahead.
Em: Which alphabet in the English language has the most words starting with it?
Emma: Tell me which alphabet do you think it is?
Em: Well… umm….I think it is ‘E’?
Emma: I think it is ‘A’.
Reason: No, not even close. It is the alphabet ‘S’ which has more English words starting with it than any other letter. The reason being, there are more clusters of words that begin with ‘sc’, ‘sh,’, ‘sp’, or ‘st’. These clusters also act as independent words.
Emma: Hmm… Yes, now that i I think about it there are so many words with S… School, Shut, Special, String, Straight, Shun, spatula, scan…wow!
Reason: Samuel Morse, the inventor of the Morse code was the first one who had the curiosity in knowing the answer to this question. So he used his techniques of using codes to frequently used letters. Later an analysis of the concise dictionary revealed ‘S’ as the letter having most words.
Em: ‘S’ sure is a winner! Now finish your ice cream, its melting.