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Why do we have Eyebrows?
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Why do we have Eyebrows?

Answer me | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

What are Eyebrows for?

The eyebrows are arch shape as this shape helps divert the rain or sweat around the sides of our faces, thus preventing the sweat or rain to drop inside our eyes. So without eyebrows this would not be possible as sweat or rain would directly enter our eyes and hamper our vision. The salt in the sweat, if enters the eye would irritate and make the eyes sting.

What if we didn’t have Eyebrows?

Scientists say that if we did not have eyebrows something else would have evolved in its place; like thicker eyelashes, to help man keep moisture away from the eyes. Thus eyebrows play a very important part in our body.

Eyebrow Body Language

Eyebrows are also used for non-verbal communication. Eyebrows exaggerate expression. Moving your eyebrow up or down can mean a lot many things. A frown may mean you are seriously pondering or confused or angry. A simple upward movement of the brows may mean surprise or joy. Notice a Kathakali dancer and how they move their eyebrows to express emotions.