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Why do we Sneeze and Cough?

Biology | 7-10 yrs | Video, Animation

When we catch a cold, germs spread to our nose, throat and other air passages. Our body fights off the germs and produces a slimy mucus to get rid of them. Sneezing and coughing blows out the germs with the mucus.

Sneezing stops the tickling in our nose for a short while. It blows out the germs and mucus too.

When we cough, it helps clear our throat. We may cough up mucus from our lungs.

Other Reasons Why We Cough

Sometimes we sneeze if we look at the sun too long, or if dry peppers tickles our nose. If we eat our food too quickly and it goes down the wrong way, we have to cough to stop it from blocking our windpipe.

Sometimes It Hurts When We Cough

Sometimes we can’t help coughing, but if we cough too much it can make us very tired and gives us a sore throat too. So, it is a good idea to try to cough a little less.

When we feel that we are about to start coughing, we can take slow, deep breaths to try and stop it.

Sipping some warm water can get rid of the tickling in our chest too.

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  1. Even as an adult, i found dis words very helpful. Thanks for d brief but very powerful piece about the topic, thanks.